Hyde Park Neighborhood Association 

Status: Pending Type of group: Neighborhood Association
Group address: P.O. Box 32551    
Description: Hyde Park Neighborhood Association exists to improve the quality of life of those persons living, working, or attending institutions withinits boundaries. Special focus is made to preserve the historical residential character of Hyde Park. Group zip code: 64171
Group web site: http://www.hydeparkkc.org
Group e-mail: hpna@hydeparkkc.org
Group Officers
Title Name Address Zip Phone E-mail
TR Terry Miller 3625 Campbell 64109 816-931-3365 treasurer@hydeparkkc.org
PR Gene Morgan 3387 Campbell 64109 816-753-5336 president@hydeparkkc.org
VP Jamie Landes 4310 Charlotte 64110 816-877-3891 1stvp@hydeparkkc.org
VP Patrick (Robert) Guinness 4221 Campbell 64110 636-448-9218 2ndvp@hydeparkkc.org
31st St. South: 47th St.
West: Gillham Rd.
Troost Ave.
Police patrol divisions: Central Patrol
Council districts: 4
KC Neigh. Advisory
Council Regions:
CW Region
Meets: Every Odd Month on the 3rd Tuesday at 7:00 PM
Location: Central Presbyterian Church, 3501 Campbell, lower level Meeting type: General Meeting
  Upcoming meetings    
Other information    
FOCUS report: http://www.kcmo.org/CKCMO/Depts/CityPlanningandDevelopment/CitywidePlanning/Long-RangePlanning/FOCUSKansasCity/NeighborhoodAssessmentReports/019286
FOCUS report date: 02/05/98
City liaison:
Ta'Wana Woodard, (816) 513-4531
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