Kansas City Neighborhood Advisory Council (KCNAC) 

Status: Active Type of group: Umbrella Group
Group address: 414 E. 12th St, 4th Floor, West Side    
Description: The Kansas City Neighborhood Advisory Council works on behalf of all neighborhoods in the City to build stronger support for neighborhoods and preserve Kansas City's commitment to neighborhoods throughout the City. They are an independent body, elected by the neighborhoods of the City. Group zip code: 64106
Group web site: http://www.kcmo.org/CKCMO/Depts/NeighborhoodAndCommunityServices/KCNAC/
Group e-mail:
Group Officers
Title Name Address Zip Phone E-mail
BM Carol Winterowd 9400 Madison Ave. 64114 816-444-1717 ca2wife@aol.com
BM Jared Campbell 21 W 10th Street, Unit 6E 64105 816-304-2790 jaredmcampbell@outlook.com
SC Rianna Deselich 14001 Lookout Drive 64139 816-600-5931 deselichr@gmail.com
BM Karry Palmer 7903 E. 91st Street 64138 816-582-1165 karrypalmer@yahoo.com
VP Richard Sayles 3031 NE 54th Street 64119 816-454-8275 richard.sayles@gmail.com
PR Joseph C. Jackson 2931 E. 28th Street 64128 816-861-7534 onejack007@yahoo.com
BM Katherine Trummer 10110 Tracy Avenue 64131 913-579-7651 happekat51@gmail.com
BM Aaron Holder 9107 N Oregan Avenue 64154 816-863-7569 aaron@aaronbholder.com
BM Tom Gorenc 6734 N Charleston Drive 64119 816-452-7330 tomgkcmo@aol.com
BM Ann Marie Bouffard 1110 E Armour 64109 816-674-1335 annmarie0725@yahoo.com
BM Thomas Alber 3811 E. 107th Street 64137 816-668-1918 jchild2290@aol.com
BM Polly Jones 10204 NW 85th Street 64153 816-200-7752 tweetress@alwaysme3.com
BM Pat Lynch 8200 NW Delta Drive 64151 816-519-1827 patricia.lynch123@sbcglobal.net
BM William Bates 4131 Virginia Avenue 816-699-8830 historian@discovermp.org
City Limits South: City Limits
West: City Limits
City Limits
Police patrol divisions: North Patrol
East Patrol
Central Patrol
Metro Patrol
South Patrol
Shoal Creek Patrol
Council districts: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6
KC Neigh. Advisory
Council Regions:
CE Region
CW Region
NE Region
NW Region
SE Region
SW Region
Meets: Every Month on the 2nd Tuesday at 4:00 PM
Location: City Hall, 414 E. 12th St, 10th floor conference room Meeting type: KCNAC Meeting
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City liaison:
Sarah Cecil, (816) 513-3036
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