Chaumiere Neighborhood Association 

Status: Inactive Type of group: Neighborhood Association
Group address: P. O. Box 12358, North Kansas City    
Description: Neighborhood associations give residents a voice and a way to work together to improve their neighborhood and communicate their needs to City officials and other agencies. Group zip code: 64117
Group web site:
Group e-mail:
Group Officers
Title Name Address Zip Phone E-mail
TR Kelly Scott 3201 NE Russell Road 64117 816-455-4183
SC Yvonne Herrick 4206 NE Chaumiere Rd. 64117 816-453-6104
PR Dan Hemry 4108 N. Bellefontaine Ave. 64117 816-673-1107
VP Crystal Herrick 4125 NE Chaumiere Rd 64117 816-453-2965
I-35 South: Parvin Rd.
West: Antioch Rd.
Chouteau Trfwy.
Police patrol divisions: Shoal Creek Patrol
Council districts: 1
KC Neigh. Advisory
Council Regions:
NE Region
Meets: Every Month on the 1st Tuesday at 7:00 PM
Location: Chaumiere Place Apartments, 4140 N Walrond Meeting type: Group Meeting
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Other information    
FOCUS report:
FOCUS report date: 04/03/01
City liaison:
Sarah Cecil, (816) 513-3036
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