Blue Valley Neighborhood Association 

Status: Active Type of group: Neighborhood Association
Group address:    
Description: Neighborhood associations give residents a voice and a way to work together to improve their neighborhood and communicate their needs to City officials and other agencies. Blue Valley Neighborhood Association's crime group is the "McCoy School Block Watch". Group zip code:
Group web site:
Group e-mail:
Group Officers
Title Name Address Zip Phone E-mail
SC Allison McDonald 2540 Drury 64129 816-241-4521
PR Dale Walker 1247 Hardesty 64126 816-241-4848
VP Arnold Shelby 2528 Oakland Avenue 64127 816-483-9479
12th St. South: Hwy. 40 (31st St.)
West: Van Brunt Blvd.
Police patrol divisions: East Patrol
Council districts: 3
KC Neigh. Advisory
Council Regions:
CE Region
Meets: Every Month on the 3rd Thursday at 6:00 PM
Location: St. Mary's Church at 2000 Hardesty Ave. Meeting type: Group Meeting
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Other information    
FOCUS report:
FOCUS report date: 06/17/99
City liaison:
Venessa Wates, (816) 513-4505
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