Blue Hills CAN Center 

Status: Active Type of group: Community Organization
CAN Center
Law Enforcement
NIP Participant
Weed-n-Seed Participant
Group address: 5711 Park    
Description: Blue Hills CAN Center is one of several Community Action Network centers across the City. Centers have dedicated CAN police officers, code enforcement (CE) officers to work on nuisance/property maintenance code violations, and access to other resources. The Blue Hills CAN center is different from, but works closely with, the Blue Hills Neighborhood Association. Group zip code: 64130
Group web site:
Group e-mail:
Group Officers
Title Name Address Zip Phone E-mail
47th St. South: 63rd St.
West: The Paseo
Prospect Ave.
Police patrol divisions: Central Patrol
Metro Patrol
Council districts: 3 , 5
KC Neigh. Advisory
Council Regions:
CW Region
Meets: Every Month on the 4th Saturday at 11:00 AM
Location: 5309 Woodland Meeting type: Group Meeting
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Other information    
FOCUS report:
FOCUS report date: 07/24/99
City liaison:
Sarah Cecil, (816) 513-3036
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