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1000 Newton Block Club
108th Terrace Crime Watch
12000 Block of E. 62nd Terr.
1500 East 35th Block Club
1500 East 37th Street Block Club
1600 East 36th Street Block Club
1600 East 37th Street Block Club
1600 East 39th Street Block Club
1800 East 35th Block Club
200 W. 62nd Street Block Club (name tentative)
2000 East 36th Street Block Club
2000 East 38th Street Block Club (Ivanhoe Gardens?)
2004 Grand Condominium Homes Association James Byrne 816-510-9897
20th & Jefferson Block Watch
20th-22nd Poplar Action Committee Block Club
2100 East 38th Terrace Block Club
2200 Brooklyn/Park Block Watch
2300-2400-2500-2600 Norton Block Club
2300-3000 Agnes Block Club Barbara Mack-Johnson 816-483-1171
2400 East 46th Street Block Club
2400 Mersington Block Club
2400 Myrtle Block Club
24th & 24th Terr. Park Block Club
24th & Cypress Block Club
2500 Kensington Block Club
2600 Chestnut Block Watch
2600 Kensington Block Club
2600 Wabash Block Club
2700 Cleveland/Mersington Block Club Lois Whitney 816-923-1127
2700 Garfield Block Club
2800 Wabash Block Club
2900 Askew Block Club
29th & Indiana (name unclear, new group)
3000 Bales Block Club
3000 Block of 59th Street
3000 E. 32nd Street Block Club
3000 Wabash Block Club
3100 Brooklyn/Park Block Club
3200 Block of E. 29th St. Block Club
3200 College Block Club
3200-3300 Brooklyn Block Club
3200-3300 Highland Block Club
3200-3300 Park Block Club
3200-3300 Wayne Block Club
3200-3300 Woodland Block Club
32nd Street Model Block
32nd Street Neighborhood Improvement Association Sandra Richardson 816-923-9724
3300 Benton Block Watch (name may change)
3300 Olive Block Club
3300-3400 Brooklyn Block Club
3300-3400 Flora Block Club
3300-3400 Highland Block Club
3300-3400 Prospect Block Club
3300-3400 Virginia Block Club
33rd Street Community Block Club
3400 Bellefontaine Crime Watch Block Club
3400-3500 Flora Block Club
3400-3500 Wayne Block Club
3500 Euclid Block Club
3500 Highland Block Club
3500-3600 Brooklyn Block Club
3500-3600 Flora Block Club
3500-3600 Garfield Block Club
3500-3600 Highland Block Club
3500-3600 Olive Block Club
3500-3600 Park Block Club
3500-3600 Wayne Block Club
3500-3600-3700 Wabash Block Club Laura Townsend 816-924-8056
3600 Askew Block Club Melvin McDaniel 816-861-0907
3600 Garfield Block Club
3600-3700 Flora Block Club
3600-3700 Park Block Club
36th & Wayne Block Club
3700 Olive Block Club Genevieve Richardson
3700 Wayne Block Club Leorn King 816-923-2287
3700-3800 Flora Block Club
3700-3800 Highland Block Club
3700-3800 Paseo Block Club
3700-3800 Prospect Block Club
3700-3800 Woodland Block Club
3800 E. 56th St. Block Club
3800 E. 62nd St. Block Club
3800 Highland Block Club Alan Young Sr 816-861-0313
3800 Wabash Block Club
3800-3900 Flora Block Club
3800-3900 Garfield Block Club
3800-3900 Olive Block Club
3800-3900 Wayne Block Club
3900 & 4000 Wabash Block Club
3900 Agnes/Bellefontaine Block Club
3900 Askew Block Watch
3900 College Block Club
3900 Euclid Block Club
3900-4000 Garfield Block Club
3900-4000 Kensington Block Watch George Mosley 816-861-2462
3900-4000 Olive Block Club
3900-4000 Woodland Block Club
400 Norton Block Club
400 W. Dartmouth Block Club
4000-4100 Agnes Block Club
4000-4100 Flora Block Club
4000-4100 Park Block Club
4000-4100 Paseo Block Club
4000-4100 Wayne Block Club
4000-4100 Woodland Block Club
40-46 North Neighborhood & Crime Watch
40Something Troost Block Club
40th & Brooklyn Block Club Richard White 816-923-9424
40th & Garfield Block Club
40th & Montgall Block Club
41/42 Montgall Homeowners Association Keith Whitley 816-918-2522
4100-4200 Brooklyn Block Club
4100-4200 Flora Block Club
4100-4200 Olive Block Club
4100-4200 Wayne Block Club
4200-4300 Brooklyn Block Club
4200-4300 Euclid Block Club
4200-4300 Flora Block Club
4200-4300 Highland Block Club
4200-4300 Olive Block Club
4200-4300 Park Block Club
4200-4300 Prospect Block Club
4200-4300 Wayne Block Club
4300-4400 Brooklyn Block Club
4300-4400 Flora Block Club
433 Ward Parkway Condominium Association
43rd Street Block Club
4400 Harrison Street/4500 Gillham Road Block Club Kurt Holthaus 816-561-2051
4400-4500 Flora Block Club
4400-4500 Garfield Block Club
4400-4500 Park Block Club
4400-4500 Prospect Block Club
4400-4500 Wayne Block Club
4500 Lister Block Watch
4500 Tracy Block Club
4500-4600 Olive Block Club
4500-4600 Wyoming Block Club
4600 Lister Block Club Leon Simmons 816-924-2419
4600-4700 Wabash Block Club
4800 E. 6th Street Block Club
49/63 Coalition
500 Denver Block Club
5100 Lydia Block Club
5200 Myrtle Block Club
52nd Street Peace Keepers
5600 Winner Road Block Club
5800 East 10th Street Block Club
5800 Harrison Block Club
58th & South Benton Block Club
5900 Jackson Block Club
600 East 70th Terrace Block Club
600 Kensington Block Club
600 Romany Block Club
6000 Agnes Block Club
6100 Olive Block Club Patricia Dukes 816-921-6519
6200 Forest Ave. Block Club
67-73 Neighborhood Association
68th Street Block Club
7500-7600 Walnut Block Club
7500-7800 Block Club
7900-8000 Madison Block Club
8500 Block of Lee's Summit Rd. Block Watch
900 Newton Block Club
9100 Grand Block Watchers Block Club
912 Benton Apartment Watch Tenant Association
ABC&W Neighborhood Block Club
Action 3 Block Coalition
Aegis Neighborhood Block Club
Alianzas - West Central Region
Amber Meadows/Amber Lakes Subdivisions
Amherst Neighborhood Association
Armour Fields Homes Association (incl. Romanelli Gardens) David Jensen 816-444-3323
Armour Hills Homes Association Tiffany Moore 816-695-6862
Astor Place Homes Association
Auburndale Estates and Meadows of Auburndale Homeowners Association Jeffrey Lagud 816-808-2434
Autumn Ridge Home Owners Association
Avalon View Neighborhood Association Vanessa Claborn 816-763-0603
Bainbridge Apartments Tenant Association Veora Saunders 816-931-8919
Bannister Acre Homes Association Bobbie Proctor 816-767-9392
Bannister Acres Neighborhood Association Margie (Margaret) Haugh 816-761-3282
Bannister Corridor
Barry Harbor/Hunter's Ridge Homes Association Frank Kurtenbach 816-520-7976
Barrybrooke Village Homes Association
Battleflood Heights Neighborhood Association (sometimes listed as East Meyer 6) John W. Shields Jr. 816-822-7665
Beacon Hill - McFeders Community Council (formerly Beacon Hill - McFeders Neighborhood Association) Dee Evans 816-221-7749
Bel Aire Block Club
Bella Vista Heights Westridge Estates Crime Watch Group
Belle Acres Neighborhood Association
Belmont-Topping Dale Fugate 816-213-8039
Benton Park Apartments
Benton-Agnes-Bellefontaine Neighborhood
Bethel Connection 2000
Beverly Manor Neighborhood Association Maureen Lumby 816-454-8360
Birchwood Hills Homes Association Tim Henry 816-966-1984
Blue Hills Estates Homes Association James J Wilson 816-941-0528
Blue Hills Homeowners
Blue Hills Neighborhood Association Paul Tancredi 816-444-5400
Blue Ridge Landing Homeowners Association Lynda Walker 816-358-5060
Blue Valley Neighborhood Association Dale Walker 816-241-4848
Blue Valley Neighborhood Mobile Crime Watch
Blue Vue Neighborhood Watch
Bolling Heights Community Link (entirely in Gladstone)
Boone Hills Neighborhood
Boston Heights and Mount Hope Neighborhood Association Esther Kershaw 816-924-0748
Boston Heights Neighborhood Association (now linked with Mount Hope)
Breen Hills 8 Neighborhood Association
Briar Hill Apartments
Briarcliff Hills Neighborhood Association
Briarcliff West Homes Association (continues into Riverside) Sandra Sayner 816-728-5557
Briarwood West Homes Association (continues into Oakwood) Russell Derringer
Bridgepointe Homes Association
Bridlespur Homes Association Marian McKnight 816-942-3989
Brighton Crossing Watch Group
Brighton Woods North Homeowners Association
Bristol Park Homes Association Larry Faitz 816-564-4715
Brittany Oaks Homes Association Jim Keeney 816-746-6347
Brittany Woodscastle Homeowners Julie Rischer 816-449-8335
Broadway Gillham Neighborhood Association Mark Andruss 816-931-1977
Brooke Hills Homes Association
Brooke Ridge Homes Association Jeremy Buske 816-255-6022
Brookhill Homes Association
Brooklyn Heights Neighborhood Watch Rick Wheaton 816-437-7226
Brookside Community Improvement District
Brookside Park Neighborhood Association John Fox 816-260-2896
Buelar Acres Neighborhood Association
Calico Farms Neighborhood Association
Calumet Homes Association
CAM Neighborhood Association John Jimmerson 816-231-1242
Candlelight Ridge Homeowners Association
Canterbury Estates Neighborhood Association
Carriage Hill Estates Homes Association
Cassell Brook Homes Association (continues into Raytown) Carolyne Craven 816-358-3905
Cedar Ridge Homes Association Kim Kauzlarich 816-729-8177
Center City Neighborhood Association Eddie Tapper 816-200-6557
Center Planning and Development Council (CPDC) Carol Winterowd 816-444-1717
Chapel Park Neighborhood Association (continues into Independence)
Chapel Woods Homeowners Tina Carter 816-797-7978
Charleston Harbor Homes Association Brad Humston 816-806-8899
Chaumiere Neighborhood Association Dan Hemry 816-673-1107
Chelsea Park Community Group (formerly Greater Corinthian)
Chestnut Hill Apartments
Chestnut-Jaudon Homes Association
Chouteau Estates Neighborhood Association Douglas Green 816-718-1761
Chouteau Public Housing Tenant Association Lizzie Brown 816-612-7680
Citadel Center Homeowners Association
Claybrook Homes Association Clyde Bolton 816-718-9511
Claymont Homes Association
Claymont North Homes Association Frank Coppa 816-673-1491
Clayton Meadows West Neighborhood Association
Clayton Neighborhood Association
Cleveland/Monroe Block Club
Coachlight Square Homes Association Theresa Thompson 816-356-8938
Coleman Highlands Neighborhood Association, Inc. Jeff Harms 816-550-3562
Colonial Square Neighborhood Association Richard Gibson 816-454-6138
Columbus Park Community Council Dan Frueh 816-510-6557
Communities of Northbrook
Community Mediation Center
Concerned Homeowner Block Club
Concerned Residents Block Club (9700 Block of Marsh)
Concord Condos
Cooley Highlands Neighborhood Association (continues into NKC) Dennis Tedford 816-569-0941
Country Aire Estate Neighborhood Association
Country Club District Homes Association Kent E. Mueller 816-333-0463
Country Club Homes Association Peg Horner 816-822-1695
Country Club Neighborhood Association
Country Lane Neighborhood Association Tom Cosgrove 816-942-5715
Country Side Homes Association Terry Rodeghier 816-516-5299
Country Valley Homes Association
Country View Block Club Audrey Davis 816-861-1036
Coventry-Baughman Neighborhood Association Brian C. Pieper 816-587-5746
Coves North Homes Association Les Washington
Crestview Homes Association Dave Wagner 816-305-5112
Crestwood Homes Association Kenneth Spare 816-333-4552
Crossgates Homeowners Association (continues into Grandview) Charles Collier 816-365-9038
Crossroads Community Association Suzie Aron 913-530-6279
D.A. Holmes Senior Complex
Dartmouth Road Block Club
Davidson Neighborhood Association
Deerfield Homes Association
DeGroff Property Owners Association
Downtown Neighborhood Association Lindsay Tatro 816-200-2362
Dunbar Neighborhood Association Quinthella Randolph 816-509-4650
Dundee Hills Neighborhood Block Watch
E.A.C.C.- East Area Community Coalition (EACC)
East 23rd St. PAC Neighborhood Association Rachael Riley 816-277-9852
East 70th Terrace Association
East Community Housing Organization (ECHO)
East Meyer Cluster Organization Elise Jackson 816-333-5101
East Meyer Community Association (EMCA or E.M.C.A.)
East Park Highlands Neighborhood Association
East Swope Highlands Neighborhood Association Dale Lennington 816-358-5156
Eastwood Hills Community Association Jill Hartzler 816-923-6958
Englewood Apartment Community Association
Evans Hill Neighborhood
Fairfield Homeowners Association Galen Friesen
Fairlane Homes Association John Kellum 816-966-8811
Fairwood Homes Association
Fearnedale Neighborhood Association Ed Sperling 816-356-1823
Fibber McGee Block Club
First Pool Homes Association of New Mark
Flora 39ers Block Club
Forest Neighborhood Organization
Forgotten Homes Neighborhood Association Kay Miller 816-240-7091
Fox Hill Neighborhood Association
Foxcroft Homes Association Larry LeFebvre 816-941-9506
Foxtown East Neighborhood Association
Foxtown West Neighborhood Association Marquita Henry 816-363-7339
Foxwood Homes Association Pam Dickey 816-453-9783
Fremont Block Club
Freymons Addition Neighborhood Association
Friendly Neighborhood Club
Friendship Village Apartments
Gashland Heights Neighborhood Association Dave Evans
Gashland Neighborhood Association Pamela Stumpf 816-468-1454
Glen Arbor Estates Homes Association Michael B Lynch 816-943-9923
Glen Lake Homes Association Mike Hurst 816-358-7718
Golden Oaks Neighborhood Association Pat Honn 816-810-2945
Goodwill Township Neighborhood Association Gary Larson 816-921-5503
Gracemor-Randolph Community Council
Grandview Apartments
Green Meadows Homes Association
Green Meadows Homes Association, Blocks 6 & 7
Greenbrier Homes Association Jan Hammers 816-761-7620
Greenhaven Neighborhood Association Paul M Matsuoka 816-455-2942
Greenway Fields Homes Association Gina Valentino 816-444-5439
Gregory Ridge Neighborhood Association Marie Ellsworth 816-363-4902
Growing Concern Citizens Block Club
Guinotte Manor Housing Authority
Hampton Woods Neighborhood Association (mostly in Parkville/Weatherby Lake) Kenneth Stromquist 816-584-1947
Hasson Park Neighborhood Association
Hawthorne Plaza Tenant Association Virgil Long 816-531-1470
Heart of Westport Neighborhood Association
Here's Waldo Neighborhood Association Eula F. Inloes 816-363-8790
Hickory Hollow Homes Association Paul Lavine 816-587-8485
Hidden Lakes Homes Association Lana K. Fowler 816-436-7502
High Ridge Manor Homes Association
Highland Acres-Lakeside Heights Homes Association
Highland Gardens Neighborhood Association Kim Gasperi 816-454-4499
Highland Park Homes Association
Highland View Neighborhood Association
Highlanders Block Club
Highridge Manor Neighborhood Association (continues into Pleasant Valley)
Highview Homes Association
Highview/Bent Tree Neighborhood Association (sometimes called The Hidden Jewel Neighborhood)
Hillcrest Heights Neighborhood Association Howard Allen 816-763-8798
Hills of Rock Creek Homes Association Willis C Wilson 816-455-4664
Hispanic Organization for Justice and Equality
Historic East Neighborhood Coalition (HENC)
Historic Hawthorne Homes Association Rodney Sampson II 816-531-5119
Historic Northeast Events Bobbie Baker-Hughes 816-221-0020
Hodge Park Neighborhood Association
Holiday Hills North Neighborhood Association, Inc. Deborah Hopkins 453-0263
Holmes Gardens Apartments
Holmes Park Neighborhood
Homes Associations of Kansas City (formerly Homes Associations of the Country Club District, HACCD)
Hunters Glen North Homes Association
Hunter's Glen subdivision
Huntington Place Homes Association
Hyde Park Apartments Tenant Association
Hyde Park Neighborhood Association
Independence Plaza Neighborhood Council Tom Ribera 816-809-4035
Indian Heights Homeowners Association
Indian Mound Neighborhood Association Bryan Stalder 816-226-6319
Indianola Neighborhood Association
Indianola South Block Watch
Inner City Neighborhood Association
Innisbrook Homes Association Joe Clement 816-942-8518
Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council Dennis L Robinson 816-361-8604
Jackson-Norton Neighborhood Block Club Edith Bolder 816-921-0621
Janssen Place Lot Owners Association
Jazz Hill Homes Tenant Association (formerly Parkview Homes?)
Jefferson Highlands Neighborhood Association
Jersey Heights Neighborhood Association
K-A Manor Neighborhood Association
Kansas City Neighborhood Advisory Council (KCNAC) Joseph C. Jackson 816-861-7534
Kansas City Neighborhood Alliance (KCNA or K.C.N.A.)
KCI Neighborhood Association (sometimes listed as KCI Homes) Frankie Hawkins 816-734-8147
Kellybrook Homes Association
Kensington Heights Tenant Association Bertha Tuggle 816-231-1603
Key Coalition Neighborhood Association Karen Slaughter 816-861-8137
King Rose Hill Neighborhood Association Beth Johnson 816-966-9142
Kirkside Homes Association Darrell Curls 816-761-8416
Kirktown Homes Association
Klamm Road Dead End Block Club
Klapmeyer Estates Homes Association (also Longview-Grandview Roads Neighborhood Association)
Klapmeyer Homes Association James Maxwell 816-924-0291
Lakeview Gardens Neighborhood Association Rebecca Lindley 353-7967
Lea Manor Homes Association Terry O'Leary 816-582-8648
Lewis Heights Neighborhood Association
Linden Hill Homes Association Chuck (Charles) A. Loomis 816-942-3724
Linden Park Estates Neighborhood Association Virginia West 816-741-8697
Linwood Heights Block Club
Little Blue Valley Homes Association Dan Porrevecchio 816-353-4249
Little Village Homes Association Carrie Redding 816-718-2778
Local Initiatives Support Corporation of Greater Kansas City (GKC LISC)
Loma Vista Neighborhood Association
Loma Vista West Neighborhood Association Gary Harris 816-767-8639
Loma Vista West Townhouses
Longfellow Community Association (formerly Longfellow-Dutch Hill) Spark Bookhart 816-820-6747
Longfellow Renaissance Association
Longview Manor Neighborhood
Loose Park Homes Association
Lord Jesus' 2900 Askew Avenue Block Club
Louella Heights Block Club (1600 Block of 41st, 42nd, 43rd Street)
Lykins Neighborhood Association Jason Fields 816-918-8309
Manchester Mobile Village Watch Group
Manheim Park Neighborhood Association Seft Hunter 816-866-0198
Maple Park Gardens Neighborhood Association Don Van Dierendonk 816-459-9643
Maple Park Neighborhood Association Larry Knudson 816-510-1910
Maple Woods Estates Homes Association
Marlborough Community Coalition Brenda Thomas 816-822-9957
Marlborough East Neighborhood Association Joyce Walker 816-444-2380
Marlborough Heights Neighborhood Association
Marlborough Manor Apartments Watch Group
Marlborough Pride Neighborhood Association Christopher P Stanly 816-444-0337
Marlborough Renaissance Neighborhood Association
Marlborough South Neighborhood Association John Bullard 816-523-4178
Martin City Neighborhood Association
Martin Luther King Village Tenant Association
Mayfair Homes Association Mike Heffernan 816-210-0876
Meadow Lakers Neighborhood Association
Meadowbrook Heights Neighborhood Association
Meadowland Homes Association
Meadowland Townhomes (entirely in Gladstone)
Mid America Assistance Coalition (MAAC)
Mid Oaks Neighborhood Association (Prather)
Mission Lakes Community Association Kathryn Johnson
Montgall Neighborhood Block Club
Montgall/Chestnut Block Club
Morningside Neighborhood Association Donna Miller
Mount Cleveland Heights Townhomes
Mount Cleveland Neighborhood Association
N.O.B.L.E. Association (NOBLE Neighborhood Association) Charles Conner 816-302-5633
Nance's Highland Ridge Block Club Bette Dorrell 816-356-8814
Neighborhood Roundtable (started by KCNA)
Neighbors United for Action Alex Alsenvil 816-523-1496
New Bedford Heights Neighborhood Association
New Mark Brooking Homes Association (was New Mark First Pool ) Omid Ghavami
New Mark First Townhouse Homes Association
Newcastle Homes Association Patty Daniels 816-942-6228
Nob Hill Tenant Association
North Amity Neighborhood Coalition
North Beacon Hill Neighborhood Association
North Bennington Neighborhood Association Keith Nelson 816-452-5172
North Blue Ridge Neighborhood Association
North Hampton Homes Association
North Lakes Homes Association James Menown 816-741-0445
North Star Neighborhood Association
Northend Neighborhood Association
Northland Community Alliance Larry Childers 816-452-4857
Northland Neighborhoods, Inc. (N.N.I. Or NNI)
NUSA Planning Committee (2006)
Oak Hill Lake Homeowners Association Rick Moore 816-268-0421
Oak Meyer Gardens Homes Association Clayton Snodgrass 816-200-2529
Oak Park III South Resident Committee Neighborhood Association
Oak Park Neighborhood Association Patrick Clarke Jr 816-977-3116
Oakdell Homes Association Ben Wearing 816-942-5212
Oakhill Estates Homes Association, Inc.
Old Briarcliff Homes Association
Old Hyde Park Historic District Neighborhood Association, Inc. Martin Phillips 913-561-0761
Old Maple Park Neighborhood Association Bill Ballard 816-459-8132
Old Northeast, Inc.
Old Westport Neighborhood Association Rhonda L. Dixon 816-531-1903
Oldham Farms Group Association
Olive Park Village Apartments
Original Loma Vista Neighborhood Association Cecilia Saffold 312-672-2609
Osage Trail Neighborhood Block Association, Inc.
Overhill Block Club Mary Barnett 816-765-0528
Palestine Gardens Apartments
Palestine Neighborhood Development Corporation, Inc. Thomas Bibbs 816-924-3211
Palmer Drive Block Club
Parade Park Tenant Association
Park Farms Neighborhood Watch
Park Plaza Home Owners Association Bryan Sampson 816-741-6570
Park Ridge Homes Association Lee Wilkens 816-436-4810
Parker Square Apartments Tenant Association Juanita Smith 816-474-9179
Parkview Manor Homes Association
Parvin Estates Neighborhood Association
Paseo Heights Neighborhood Association
Paseo West Neighborhood Association Les Washington 816-421-0955
Patterson Highlands Neighborhood Association Jo Ann Hicks 816-786-2429
Peery Avenue Block Club
Pendleton Heights Neighborhood Association Jessica Ray 816-225-3778
Platte Brooke Homes Association Don Wingate 816-587-1193
Platte Ridge Neighborhood Association (name may change)
Plaza Apartments
Plaza Westport Neighborhood Association Steve Owens 816-665-7635
Prather Hills Neighborhood Association
Quail Creek Neighborhood Association
Quality Hill Neighborhood Watch
Randolph Corners Neighborhood Association
Ravenwood Summerset Neighborhood Association Jason Withington 816-269-9043
Red Bridge Estates Homes Association Larry Tobaben 943-4098
Red Bridge Hills Homes Association Dennis Doms 268-3667
Red Bridge Homes Association Lawrence (Larry) Marsh 816-943-6371
Red Bridge Manor Homes Association
Red Bridge Place Apartments
Red Bud Estates Neighborhood Association Joyce Maas 816-942-6890
Renaissance Coves Homes Association
Renaissance Place Homes Association Anthony Sanders 816-918-0808
Restore Neighborhood Association
Richmond Avenue Block Watch
Riss Valley Homes Association
River Forest Neighborhood Association (continues into North KC) Tonya Davis 816-455-9288
River Park Townhomes Homes Association
River Park Townhouses, Inc. (Tenant Association)
Rivermarket Liveables Tenant Association
Riverview Neighborhood Association
Roanoke Protective Homes Association Gabe Hinkebein 816-678-3075
Robandee Neighborhood Association
Robincrest Village Homes Association Traci Young 816-414-5334
Robinson Meadows Block Watch
Rockhill Crest Neighborhood Association Les Cline 816-582-4062
Rockhill Gardens Neighborhood Association Christine Ritchie 816-361-6262
Rockhill Homes Association Galen Mussman 913-568-5842
Rockhill Manor Homes Association
Rockhill Manor Neighborhood Association Rhonda Atkins 785-229-2910
Rockhill Ridge Neighborhood Association Charlotte Kullman 816-822-9848
Rockwell Homes Association Scott Francis
Rolling Hills Neighborhood Association Richard Rios 816-361-8198
Rolling Hills South Homes Association Mary Nestel 816-361-6442
Rolling Meadows Homes Association Mark Bowland
Romanelli West Homes Association Bruce Gelb 816-820-7767
Roundtop Block Club (may be changing names)
Royal Oaks Community Coalition
Royal Oaks Neighborhood Association (mostly in Weatherby Lake, MO)
Ruskin Heights Homes Association Ellen Cook 816-761-6050
Ruskin Hills Homes Association LaReita Boyer 816-763-7404
Russell Manor Homes Association
Sacred Heart Homes Association (Westside)
Santa Fe Area Council Joseph C. Jackson 816-861-7534
Santa Fe Hills Homes Association Larry Mattson
Scandia Village Tenant Association
Scarritt Renaissance Neighborhood Association Leslie Caplan 816-510-8489
Searcy Creek Parkway Neighborhood Association
Second Baptist Neighborhood Association
Seven Oaks Neighborhood Association Gwendolyn Davis 816-861-2369
Seventh Street SoHo West Lofts Tenant Association
Sheffield Neighborhood Association Mark Morales 816-231-2009
Sheraton Estates Neighborhood Association Richard Brown 816-226-8922
Sherwood Estates Homes Association Norma Smith 816-214-6848
Shoal Brook II Neighborhood Association Trish Martin 816-468-7993
Shoal Creek Valley Owners Association Steve Gilliland 816-781-7203
Silvertooth Fahey Farm Homes Association Mike Fievet 816-524-9103
Skyline Homes Association
SoHo South Lofts
Somerset Gardens Homeowners Association
Somerset Valley Homes Association
South Longview Lake Neighborhood Association (name may change)
South Oakwood Homes Association Robert Brombreg 816-452-5265
South Plaza Neighborhood Association Keith Spare 816-914-8761
South Round Top Neighborhood Association
Southeast Neighborhood Coaliton
Southern Communities Coalition
Southern Hills Subdivision & Annex Homes Association Nathan Powell
Southmoreland Neighborhood Association Greg Corwin 816-308-6795
Southview Manor Homeowner's Association (continues into Grandview)
Southview Neighborhood Association
Spring Avenue Block Club
Springhaven Neighborhood Association
Squier Park Neighborhood Association
Squire's Hill Neighborhood Association
St. Catherine's Gardens Neighborhood Association Thomas Alber 816-668-1918
Staley Farm Homeowners Association
Sterling Acres Neighborhood Association Gary Carver 816-358-5100
Stone Ridge Town Home Association
Stonehenge Homes Association
Stoney Brook Home Association Earsel Wallace 816-765-7654
Stoneybrook Homes Association
Stratford Estates Homes Association Carolyn Berry 816-761-9724
Stratford Gardens Homes Association Raphael Suarez 816-679-5197
Stratford Place Townhomes Association Tom Cain
Strathbury Woods Homes Association Donna Stokes 913-522-3722
Strupwood Homes Association (possibly Strupwood Park Neighborhood Assn)
Sugar Tree Estates Homes Association Sam Frazier 816-761-9282
Summerbrook Homes Association
Summerfield Neighborhood Association
Summit Wood Property Owners Association Dean Allen 816-350-2327
Sunnyslope Hills Neighborhood Association
Sunset Dixon Neighborhood Association
Sunset Hill Neighborhood Association Evelyn Oliver 816-726-8299
Sunset Hills Homes Association Denise Nelson 816-931-5003
Sunset Hills Neighborhood Association
Swope Park Campus Neighborhood Association
Swope Parkway/Elmwood Neighborhood Association (S.P.E.N.A. or SPENA) Cynthia Canady 816-361-0079
Swope Ridge Neighborhood Association Patricia Losiewicz 816-517-6886
Sycamore Groves Apartments Block Watch Evelyn Thomas 816-241-0522
Teetering Heights Villas
Telford Manor Neighborhood Association Barbara Goans 816-452-6294
Terrace Lake Gardens Homes Association Vernon Wilson 816-761-0470
The Blockbusters Block Club
The Coalition of Hispanic Organizations (COHO)
The Coves Homes Association Dave Baird 816-587-2073
The Fairways Homes Association Kay Lemons 816-415-3826
The Greens Apartments
The Meadows Homeowners Association
The Other People Neighborhood Association
The River Market Business Association
Thistle Homes Association Jenetta Norfleet
Tiffany Manor Neighborhood Association
Tiffany Springs Neighborhood Association
Timber Hill Estates Homes Association Brent Parsons 816-941-0278
Timber Trace Homes Association
Timber Valley Homes Association (continues into Raytown)
Timbers East Townhomes Brenda Jobe 816-500-3828
Together Neighborhood Block Club
Tower Homes Association Kurtis Marinez 816-268-0656
Town Fork Creek Neighborhood Association Becky L Forrest 816-444-8349
Trails of Northbrook Homes Association
Trailside Center ( 6th District FOCUS Center)
Tremont Manor Homes Association Vince Principe
Tri-Blenheim Neighborhood Association Charles M. Kennedy 816-363-5971
Troost Avenue Lawn Neighborhood Association Chris Jones 913-687-0450
Troost Plateau Neighborhood Association Shirley Lowe 816-363-7811
Troostwood Neighborhood Association Wanda Taylor 816-824-7978
Union Hill Neighborhood Association
United Neighborhood Association Dave Tony 816-921-2991
Unity Ridge Property Owners Association Rianna Deselich 816-600-5931
Valentine Neighborhood Association Jim Martin 816-651-6601
Valley Brook Homes Association Jeff Veatch 816-455-8874
Valley View Homes Association Kenny Peterson 816-582-3584
Verona Hills Homes Association Ed Mchardie 816-674-3939
Victor Street Block Club Zonie Prowens
Victoria Arms Apartments Curtis Miller
Village Glen Homes Association Jill Truitt 816-941-7722
Village Green Townhomes
Villas Property Owners Association
Vineyard Estates Neighborhood Association
Vineyard Estates Neighborhood United Association
Vineyard Neighborhood Association Ike Graham 816-560-9309
Vineyard Village Neighborhood Association
Volker Neighborhood Association Susan Kysela 816-561-0378
Vrooman Acres Neighborhood Association Johnny Rickart 816-452-2879
Walden Homeowners Association Sharon Hutsler 816-587-9707
Waldo Homes Association Simon Moeller 816-301-7990
Walnut Grove Apartments Tenant Association Kevin Smith
Walnut Grove Neighborhood Association Candace Koba 816-866-0510
Walnut Ridge Homes Association Chad Benson 816-213-8283
Walnut Woods Homeowners Association Alonzo Tigner 816-767-6265
Ward Parkway Estates Homes Association Abby Schaer 913-596-8929
Ward Parkway Homes Association Frank Haar 816-444-3954
Ward Parkway Plaza Neighborhood Association
Washington Wheatly Neighborhood Association Marlon Hammons 816-231-3955
Wedgewood Pointe Property Owner Association Damon Smith 816-686-9366
Wellington Green Homes Association
Wendell Phillips and Downtown East Neighborhood Association John P James 816-582-5783
Wendell Phillips Community Association
West Bannister Neighborhood Association
West Bluffs Tenant Association Eugene Bey 816-372-2492
West Plaza Neighborhood Association
West Waldo Neighborhood Association
Westchester Homes Association Dave Newcomb
Western Auto Lofts Linda Stenger 816-262-3361
Western Blue Township Homeowners Association Becky Hart 816-923-1393
Western Hills Homes Association Paul Ricci 298-6645
Western Riss Lake Neighborhood Association
Westport Cooperative Services
Westport House Tenant Association John Pickett 816-437-7654
Westport Neighbors United James (Jim) E. Grow 816-531-5725
Westside Central Neighborhood
Westside Hill Neighborhood
Westside Neighborhood Association
Westside North Neighborhood
Westside Planning Committee
Westwood Park Homes Association Aryn Roth 816-753-1134
White Avenue Block Club (name may change)
White Oaks West Neighborhood Association (formerly Southern Comfort) Edgar Lindsey 816-353-2839
Wildberry Neighborhood Association Eugene Whitney 816-587-5212
Wildwood West Homeowner's Association
Willing Workers Block Club
Willow Brooke Homes Association
Willow Farm Homes Association (formerly New Mark Willow Homes) Dave Whiteman 816-734-8911
Willows Neighborhood Association
Wiltshire Apartments Tenant Association
Winchester Woods Homes Association
Winnwood Gardens Neighborhood Association
Winnwood-Sunnybrook Community Council Rebecca (Becky) Harrison 816-572-6914
Woodbridge Homes Association Mary Weidmaier 942-5339
Woodbrooke Villas II Homes Association Robert Matthew 816-453-1223
Woodfield Homes Association
Woodgate Farms Homes Association
Woodgate on Bannister Homes Association Vicki Parker 816-234-3461
Woodglen Estates Association
Woodridge Estates Neighborhood Association
Woodridge Neighborhood Association
Woodson Estates Homes Association Deborah Scott 816-358-6334
Wornall Homestead Homes Association Tom Usher 816-361-1242
Wornall Pines Neighborhood Association Stacey Johnson-Cosby 816-591-5921