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Do you need a mailing list of neighborhood organization officers and their addresses? It's available here in Excel spreadsheet format. Just select the category of officers you want, and the system will let you download a current file. (Note: neighborhood groups with no officer listed in a particular category are omitted from the spreadsheet. A small percentage of groups have officers that don't fall under one of the five categories below. We are working to correct that. In the meantime, you can contact us directly for a customized list.)

Your computer will ask if you want to Open the file or Save it. We recommend selecting Save. On some older computers, it helps to have Excel already running before selecting Open.

Once you have the spreadsheet file, you can use it as a data source for your word processing program's mail merge feature.

If you want all neighborhood officers, just download each category separately. If you need additional help or a customized list, e-mail us at or call our office at 816-513-3036.

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